Manju Ethiraj

Head of Analytics

+47 94 84 81 59

Manju has 14 years of experience overseeing teams conducting financial analysis on over $100+ billion of real estate on behalf of U.S. and European institutional investors. At Anvil, Manju oversees all financial analysis and underwriting activities. Prior to Anvil, Manju was the Head of Due Diligence at Global Realty Outsourcing (GRO) where she managed a team of 55 financial analysts conducting due diligence and valuation analysis on behalf of many of the world’s largest real estate funds. Prior to becoming Head of Due Diligence, Manju was a Senior Financial Analyst at GRO, where she analyzed over 500+ assets with 25,000+ tenants acquired by REIT’s, private equity funds, hedge funds and other opportunistic investors.

Manju received her MSc. in Commerce from Madras University and has passed Level III of the CFA program.

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