We create value through:

Access. Whether sourcing investment opportunities, leasing space or selling properties, critical information in the Nordics is often only available through private market contacts. Anvil benefits from longstanding relationships across the spectrum of owners, tenants, lenders, brokers, lawyers and other professionals. As an active property owner/investor, Anvil is able to leverage its market position to gain insight and access to proprietary opportunities.

Analytics. We apply rigorous analytical focus to all of our activities. Given the region’s information asymmetry, it’s critical to intensively and continuously source and analyze relevant data in order to formulate strategies that enhance value and mitigate risks. While experience and intuition help form our investment theses, data drives our decisions.

Accountability. Anvil’s partners expect consistently high performance, and we in turn expect it of our colleagues and service providers. We believe successful relationships are based upon transparency, alignment of interests and agreed-upon, measurable results. We treat our clients’ capital the same as our own, and make sure every kroner invested provides a sufficient risk-adjusted return.